Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Cheddar and back again ....

Another bimble down to Cheddar today with a tea stop once there. Rob and I were out and was nice to have a relaxed ride after Sundays full gas ride. I felt OK, legs not as good as Sunday but back at work now so to be expected. Sun was out, cake consumed. We hooned up Cheddar, I nailed a PB and Rob monstered up it. Rightly so given he has just come back from a cycling holiday in France where climbs make Cheddar look like what it is to Euro bike riders; a bump. Have to say, those who know me know I am not a climber, but I really enjoy riding up Cheddar. So much so I could do it every day. It is a lovely road and does feel like the middle of nowhere - more so today given it was the middle of the week and quieter than a Sunday when everyone including car drivers and bike riders descend upon Cheddar and the Mendips as a whole.

Overall a decent day out there. I lapped Cheddar on the Garmin as just over three miles in 17 minutes, average speed 11 mph going up, which is nice as I am happy with that. Rob was long out of sight, but I big ringed it to steep corner, dropped some other lads before dropping into the inner chain ring. I felt good, but there were traffic lights bang on steep corner which was mad. Luckily they were green so I did not have to endure a 19% hill standing track start....

On the way back in Rob and I exhanged bikes and I had a blast on his Cervelo R3. Some bike, stiff, fast and very plush. He felt likewise to my SL4 but we noted my higher tyre pressure made the bike seem slightly more brittle, but I do like big psi in my tyres. Heading back in we had a little dig and I had a 75% sprint which I wound up to 37 mph. I am looking forward to getting a Saturday social ride in with Strada and winding up a big effort on the sprints as it has been a while since I have let the powers that be know and recall who Bristol's top sprinter is ;-)

Anyway, love to all as ever. 

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