Sunday, 21 May 2017

Nailing a KOM ....

I have said it before, but going after Strava segments not really my bag or ideology on a bike. However, the beauty of Strava is that some segments appeal, fall into your lap as on a route or loop and thus become a real challenge or frustration. One such challenge is / was Roubaix Lane, a devilishly testing 1.9 mile section joining Mamhead to Kenn Lane. It is challenging for several reasons. Up and down, a typical Devon lane, narrow, sketchy and on the wrong day riddled with traffic using the back lanes as a rat run to avoid the traffic / road works in and around Exeter, the next 'big city' but far enough away to be a lane.

Up until now, I have had mixed results, never really attempted to nail it I have simply hit the segment with 'good legs'. Average times and speeds, usually curtailed by a steep mid point, horses or tractors. Today though, the stars aligned and I managed to nail the segment without encroachment from cars in any form and I had good legs so just kept the hammer down up and down and attacked. In the end the yield was as follows - 

1.9 miles at 22.5 mph with an average power output of 232 watts. This scored a time of 5.17 mins, thus propelling me to the top of the pile, the KOM on Strava which has had 1,833 attempts by 657 people. The paradox ? I did this carrying my bag to work ! It can get quicker. Images below.

To me, that is a massive result. Sometimes, moving to Devon was the hardest thing I could have done as a bike rider due to the terrain, I used to hate this 'segment' but but moments like this remind you it is worth while and you can reinvent the wheel. Heck, I am not suddenly a champion hill climber as the lane played into my hands and style. I would imagine someone somewhere may try and 'take it back' now which is fair enough. It is in the public domain and quite rightly so. I dedicate today's effort to my father in law, Alan, who sadly passed away yesterday. He was a cricket and golf fanatic, but always had time to talk cycling with me. RIP Alan.

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