Saturday, 5 August 2017

And all through the house not a mouse was stirring ....

Except for Pete and Buddy the puppy ...!

So, Buddy has at 12 weeks has become my alarm clock. He wakes up everyday at 5.15 gives me a whimper call from across the landing upon which I remove myself from bed when I am on shift. He goes out, has a wee, comes in, has a bite to eat, goes out, has a poo, comes in and then goes back to bed. Idyllic. He is an awesome little dog and the perfect fodder to Bella our 7 month old black lab. They have become best friends. It is however interesting how two dogs can be so different due to the intrinsic nature of the breed. Bella retrieves, Buddy herds. 

Anyway, the beauty of an early start means I can throw in an early ride. Hammer the ride, get some full gas shenanigans in the tank and be home by 9. Out at 6am today, home by 8.30 and 43 miles bagged with a marginal gain at 40 miles - 2 hours 18 over 2 hours 20 on Tuesday.  Aggregate riding as I call it. Some Strava segments were quicker, some segments were slower, but overall mildly quicker which is always nice with a headwind.  I wore knee warmers and a base layer today as though at the height of summer it is very nippy early doors.  My Vittoria corsa g+ 25mm tan side walls ( jesus - that is a mouthful - ed) had their maiden voyage and all seems fine. I note that they lack the hum of the previous Vittoria tyres I have used tub and clincher wise, but they roll well and will no doubt roll faster once they bed in. I was unsure on tan side walls til the were shod onto the wheels but god they look super fly. So, 85 miles bagged in two rides this week. I will commute tomorrow with a zone 1 leg loosener in and out of work and a top up of the miles and wrap up another great week on and off the bike. As an aside my progression for time and pace continues and the triangle segment as it is known is down to 1 hour 46 mins (pic below) and can get faster. The brilliant thing is that I have entered the all time top ten fastest at my age group which is a great surprise and topically, there is life in the old dog yet !

The thing holding me back is me. Simple. But, do not forget there is 1,614 feet of climbing on this loop which is about as flat as it gets in Devon. It is funny, but as a bike rider you cultivate routes and this one has become my go to test ride as it suits me and I enjoy it much more than dragging myself up 22% hills in and around Dartmoor, though the two can compliment each other.

My Spin wheels have been a revelation. Life is good, Buddy and Bella bring so much joy to our lives and my Dogma F8 is simply wonderful as bikes go.

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