Friday, 1 September 2017

August and everything after, but before ....

So, August has been and gone. The endless summer did not appear and surf is not up. But, it was a progressive month with some good consumer miles put on the bike. I managed to bank 448 miles which I feel bar the odd shoddy commute were 'good' miles. Nothing wasted. A few full gas efforts on my summer Tiverton blast where I attained a sub 2.10 for 40 rolling miles. Bristol to Exminster was a long shift and I did not take it over the 100 miles for the sake of it.  I did add in a couple of taper rides to keep the legs turning over in zone 1 and this paid off. As ever, the desire to ride everyday is there but one has to be smart and pragmatic and not. I am not 20 anymore. Oddly however, I felt incredibly fit mid week this week after the long ride, but long rides do that and I feel that they elevate fitness double quick time. Interestingly a new FTP attained this week at 250 watts for 20 minutes when 'just riding along' rather than beasting myself on a 20 min threshold test.

I set myself a target of 400 miles a month and met it, which is nice. That is a minimum of 400 miles bagged every month since February - smashed it in fact. I have decided to now hit the climbs locally and do as much climbing as I can over September and October before the cold weather bites. It has always been my achille's heel - going up but I am liking the local hell climbs which can be very rewarding.

I am loving the Dogma and its current guise, the bike  very good at climbing, but such is its character going down and across I often cite it as the best bike I have ever ridden. It is something else.

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