Saturday, 15 April 2017

The long and the short of it ....

Another reasonable week on the bike with less commute miles but a couple of decent Estuary shifts added to my training log. I felt strong on the bike today. A fitter guy dropped me after the Mount Pleasant climb into Dawlish to remind me how superior he was as I did say hello before he clunked clunked his gears to go past me, but hey ho he was riding hard on a Specialized bike and never judge a man when training. He looked lean. Credit to him. Specialized bikes are topical in the cycling news and press given the PR shit storm they now face after their new fanfare bike the 2017 Roubaix bicycle, reinvented with a 'front shock TM Specialized' on the headset fell apart at Paris - Roubaix, thus throwing classics specialist Nik Terpstra off his machine. Bloody dangerous, an awful crash and a PR nightmare for the worlds greatest marketing machine.  Like every brand out there, they make some great bikes, they also make some shit bikes. Anyway, I am happy to admit there are far better bike riders out there. I am just racing myself. The endurance bike theme is interesting though, hence the title of the today's blog. Oddly, I nailed Exminster to Dawlish (see attached below 6 odd miles at 18.5 mph is nice given the wind)  today, and got a sliver PB but incredibly, I have done this long segment faster on a Cannonadle Synapse (last summer as below) which bodes the question are these bikes quicker in real world terms on battered roads ? I've no idea really as fast legs make a bike fast but it will fascinate me for a long time yet. There are too many variables to compare really, but ultimately, it is apples for apples. A braeburn to a Golden delicious perhaps ?

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