Monday, 17 April 2017

When the wind blows ....

To my mind 2017 has been very very windy. Again. 2016 was and 2015 before it. I am not sure if we notice wind more than non cyclists as we do monitor weather but of late, 2017 has been super windy. I live in South Devon in the heart of an estuary and I am fully aware that coastal areas are windier than other places due to the vortex the cold air of the sea and the warm air of the land can create but even in land it has been hellish. Global warming, the gulf stream, estuary living or something else. All rather odd and very testing when on a bike. The head wind riding back yesterday was simply brutal. Wattage and HR ramping up just JRA as they say.

In light of the wind, my decision to run a 303 on the front was well vindicated yesterday as by the time we finished work it was blowing a gale in what seemed like every direction despite trying to pinpoint a direction. However, James William Ward and I had a decent bimble home and it was a nice reminder of the fitness level now attained as I personally got 3 pb's on Strava riding across Roubaix lane and then a PB smashing the fast road from Mamhead crossroads to Starcross golf club with some fast times. 27mph for almost 4 minutes and I managed to get a tidy 35mph on the flat despite the blustery conditions. 303 = money well spent though the 404 will certainly come out to play as and when, they are too good not to. The time shaved on various segments is the self improvement thing I have talked about before. Not going out to target segments, just getting fitter week after week and getting stronger with a raised threshold. Some days I feel like the rider of old as I was back in / up to 2012/13 before the long break did all the damage. Paradoxically, living in Devon has I think started making me a better rider. If I went back to Bristol to do a Strada Shop ride for example (bottom picture), with my current fitness based on terrain, I would smash it. It is pan flat. In perspective 29 miles equates to 817 feet where as last week on Monday I did 1700 feet in 31 miles. Hills hurt but they can make the difference to fitness I suspect. Worth noting I still have the KOM for the Strada shop ride ! You can take the boy out of Bristol and all that....

A few images below. Happy days. If anyone can explain why the wind is as bad as it is please send a postcard to the usual address. The first postcard picked wins a mystery prize which I have not yet chosen such is its mystery. Ahem.

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