Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Haytorz gonna hate ....

A day of climbing. And descending. What goes up, must go up some more in Devon and thus descend at speed. Today James and I took on the merits of Dartmoor and threw in Longdown, Doccombe, Mortenhampstead, Haytor and the lamentable hill that attaches Teignmouth to Dawlish. Overall it were a successful ride and in 55 miles I concluded 4,850 feet of ascent which is the most miles I have ridden upwards since August 2012. That in itself is crazy. Deep sections dispensed for box section climbing wheels for safety such was the wind. Again.

Of the hills climbed, Mortenhampstead is my favourite as it simply just works for me and the tarmac is excellent once crested, the fast descent into Bovey Tracy is worth the price of admission as you can give it some full gas before you put the bike in the small ring and ride up Haytor; 1200 feet of headwind hell before you crest and take in the incredible views of Dartmoor and South Devon. Stunning. I got up 32 on the back, 36 on the front inner and 52 outer gearing combo and no issues, I just rode within myself as best I could, seated. Spin to win Lance style.

The super fast descent into Liverton from Haytor and onto Newton Abbot has to be taken with care but you are looking at 5 miles of fast descending to test the triceps on the way down, hovering the brakes, corner by corner using the knee to hold a fast line. It really is the quick way down and a reminder of the locale given the passing of Devon cobs. The issue coming out of Newton once entered is the traffic between there and Teignmouth, The road currys favour to the rider who wants to go fast though the throughput of traffic is crazy, but it is the easiest route home along the coast and James and I opened the legs here and got the bikes shifting, which was nice. 

Overall, it was a solid ride. My power was good. It is very hard to maintain a zone in Devon, but I made sure I got make into zone 1 and 2 as quickly as possible which I think paid off on the way back home. A couple of days rest now and back on it. Overall my TSS slightly up so I need a rest and recharge starting with a hot bath right now. This is the beauty of power. I have concluded I need a new gilet ! This one rolls up at the shoulders and frankly gets battered by the wind and makes me look hunched over the bike. 

Weight wise I have dropped 12 pounds over 8 weeks which is 5.44kg in cycling terms and my long term weight loss target remains attainable. I just want to feel like I did in 2012 into 2013. I hate myself for getting big, but life happens and sometimes there is more to life than a push bike when you are an average cyclist ! 

Over and out. Love to all x

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