Thursday, 16 March 2017

Tail wind bunkum bunfight.

So, I was anti Strava for sometime which I admit, in hindsight was narrow minded and judgemental as I envisaged Strava as a place for ego's and virtual pats on the back. I simply did not get it and worried for my fellow cyclists chasing time, thus killing themselves in the process. 

However, since joining it back in Sept 2015 I have come to love looking at it, analysing data and using it for 'self improvement' within the realms of what I do. It also throws up the odd challenge and segment which you can use to compete with yourself and others, of which you likely wont know anyone. One such challenge is Kenn Lane, not far from here. Seems like the lane of which the total distance is just a smidgen under 3 miles is a highly competitive lane which is fast, flowing and decent for some of the local lanes of which one must take care in. Single file only most of the time. It is one of those magic roads as I call them; it just glides and flows away with leylines based on water flowing down from Dartmoor I think. 

I am currently fastest this year (2017) and the year is still young but I am a minute off the overall K.O.M / fastest time though it is a target. As below all time and this year summaries shown (click to make bigger) my average speed for 8.07 minutes is 22 mph and an average power of 195 watts with a reasonably low heart rate so it bodes well to snag the K.O.M weather pending. Get a tail wind and you can tie this one up for good I think. Ooohhh how exciting. Room for improvement. 
Kudos to Strava for making solo riding fun....

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